Having the option to leave your dog in a safe place for an hour or the day can be a real relief when you need to do some shopping, catch up with friends. We offer separate cage-free areas for little and big dogs so they have plenty of space to run and play as well as quiet spots to nap in the sun. Both spaces are well lit by big windows and in full view of our staff; we are never more than steps away from both areas to keep them safe, give out pats, small, healthy treats and head rubs.

Our ability to assure that your best friend is Safe & Sound while they are with us depends on a free evaluation of their social skills and temperament. Please arrange for an interview so that you can feel good about leaving them with us and we can assure their stay will be a good time for all. Please download our Safe & Sound contract  for more information about policies and standards.

We can set up a schedule for daycare or be ready for those times you need us. We don't have a huge warehouse of space - and prefer it that way - but it does mean that we'd appreciate at least 24 hours notice of your plans. Late pick-up fees will apply after a grace period.

One of our goals is to make your life easier, and we know how hard & messy it can be to bathe your dog at home. So we offer you a couple of options: put on one of our grooming aprons and wash your best friend in our spacious, accessible tubs with temperature-controlled water or let us do it for you.
Whether you do it or leave it to us, your dog will be bathed in our eco-smart, eco-friendly Simply Clean shampoo and then gently dried with towels and a hand-held dryer. We'll also clean their ears with a natural cleanser and soft cotton. (If you prefer, do bring your own grooming products and tools.) If your dog needs more than a simple bath, you can schedule an appointment with the independent groomer that works from our place.  
Use of Self Service Tubs First-Come, First-Serve
 Up To 1 Hour Before Closing. 
Ditto our Simply Great Baths & Brush Service.
Rushing stresses out dogs & people. 

Dogs who are here for grooming or those with us for more than an hour for a Basic Bath & Brush must have current vaccinations, be spayed/neutered, and be on a flea treatment program. 

We'll work with you to get records from your vet; we also partner with 1st Care Vets who routinely offer high quality, affordable mobile veterinary services down the street at Hound Dog + Cat. We also ecommend Pawprint so you can digitize your pet's records - no more faxing or forgetting.

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