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Welcome! I've lived in this great PicFair (Mid City) neighborhood for 20+ years and met some wonderful dogs and their families. I decided to step off the corporate track in 2010 and open Eco Dog Care - Los Angeles to offer Cage-Free Daycare & Overnights, Simply Great Bath & Brush, and Self Wash.  (An experienced, local groomer rents space from us so you can arrange for that service as well.) 
Our operations are as "green" as we can make them - we're really proud to have been certified as a Green America business. We're always on the look out for new products or methods so tell us if you find something terrific. We use our own eco-smart, eco-friendly products that are safe for you, your pups, and the LA water supply. They're infused with a rich blend of essential oils & botanicals which means they support your dog's skin/coat health and also smell wonderful. Our blend includes peppermint, geranium, cedar and myrrh which naturally repel pests like fleas! We offer these high-quality products in all our Self Wash tubs as well as using them for our Basic Bath & Brush service. 

We also do our best to support local rescues and shelters by offering free or steeply discounted services and products. Our FaceBook page is often the lost & found for neighborhood dogs, and we post pictures of local rescues up for adoption orfoster on our Links page. 

The Chow Bella Tooth Fairy has monthly appointments for anesthesia-free teeth cleaning, usually the 4th Sunday. Also to make life easier, we have a great relationship with Hound Dog + Cat just down Pico from us. You can arrange to have food or treats delivered to our place so you can pick up your dog and your supplies and get home sooner. We're also fans of Echo Bark in Silverlake. They carry our products and are vibrant members of the rescue community through The REAL Bark

I've got deep roots in this community, and we do our best to support it by hiring locally and cross-promoting the many great businesses up and down Pico Boulevard, named by the Mayor as one of "the best" in Los Angeles. I look forward to meeting you and your 4-legged family members! 
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